Ep 06. Comfy Pants

Marie & Kate

Show Notes:

Kate and Marie may have initially met comfort eating all the hors d’oeuvres at a party in Brooklyn, but their conversation soon turned to the instruments they each played. They are the hilarious duo behind the musical comedy band Reformed Whores.


“I was kind of at my wits end with like.. playing the game of being an actor in New York City”


I was doing a lot of Musical Theater auditions, but I just wasn’t booking anything.


Episode Credits:

Episode 3 was Produced by Ryan Sweikert & Bart Warshaw

Kismet production team is also Zoe Saunders & Danny Lewis


I think about that day a lot because I almost didn’t go to that party.


Valentine’s Day was either coming up or just happened. I think it just happened.


I was in a relationship, and the guy was great, but that day we had like the worst fight, and…


And I think it was like right before the dude I was dating dumped me.


He stormed off and I was like “well I’m going to this party!” and like, he was like “fine, go to the party.”


And so now I remember I was desperately hanging on to this like dude that didn’t work out.


It was in this girl’s apartment, she had a studio apartment.


In Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.


She was like “I’m having a upper east side mansion party, but in my teeny tiny Brooklyn studio. We’re like “cool, do it girl.”


There was a bed in the middle of the whole thing.


So there was like nowhere to sit.


So we all had to like walk around it.


And that afternoon some guy was playing the guitar on the subway and she was like “I want you to play at my party.” So then there was


A subway performer playing guitar like in the corner


It was the weirdest, most…


It was very odd, it was like a very odd party. I didn’t know anybody else at the party.


So I showed up at this party, I didn’t know anybody there.


So I went kind of… wandered over to his group of girls talking. Just like “hey”, I’m gonna start talking to you too. kind of weird. I also remember some of the girls giving me weird looks like “who is this weirdo standing over here.” I’m pretty sure at one point I was like I should just go. But then they left, which was cool. and then it was just me and Marie.


I was definitely going to the party specifically for the food.


Being who we are, we of course met by the hors d’oeuvres table.


I’m such a heifer. I love to eat.


Marilyn made these like amazing hors d’oeuvres.


She kept like pulling stuff out of the oven, so like every time she… the timer would go off, it was like oh my god, what’s next.


And there was like these.


bacon-wrapped scallops,


Some vegetables which I’m sure I did not touch.


I feel like there was fig things in there…


Ooey gooey cheeses. Like French cheeses and stuff.


These shmancy fancy things…


It was so exciting!


She and I just started talking.


I do know that we just talked a lot about dating and New York City.


We’re talking about


… boys




I think we both were in relationships.


She was talking about her boyfriend, and i was dating somebody but it was not going very well, and…


I know I divulged way too much information about the fight that I’d just had with my boyfriend, and…


We were both kind of frustrated with where we were in our careers and stuff


Kind of just at my wit’s end, with like playing the game of being an actor in New York City.


I was doing a lot of musical theater auditions, but I just wasn’t booking anything.


I remember like just bombing auditions left and right because I was just so nervous.


And it was like “this is not where I want my life to be headed”


With all that pressure, it was really frustrating.


She finally said something like: “oh i play the ukulele”


And she mentioned that she played accordion, and i was like “oh my God that’s the cutest little instrument, imagine if we combined our forces!” I was like


Oh we should start a band.


And she was like


… yea!


We should.


And it was like kind of a silly thing, but then we both were like: “No, seriously. We should do this.”


I said to her I was like “I’m coming over this week then.” I’m not kidding. Cuz you know you say those things all the time when you meet people and then it just never happens. And she was like “okay, okay, let’s do this”.


I remember being really nervous because I’d kind of like developed this pretty big


girl crush


Style, I think we were like vibing on each other. Heterosexually.


That one night, but then like you always wonder is it gonna hold up? and so I had her over the following weekend.


I remember like dragging my accordion like down the street, like “she’s gonna think I’m totally nuts that I actually am showing up and doing this.


I made like little snacks.


She’d made like cookies or something


Cuz that’s what we bonded over in the first place.


It was awkward sort of like what do… how do we doing this? well I guess let’s hear each other sing. So I probably sang “let yourself go” [sings]


She started singing and I was like


Like it’s really weird Broadway…




And she was like “whoaw, you can sing.” And I’m like, “yea, I can.”


I played her some of my silly songs, that I’d written previously.


She’d written a song about pajamas or something. comfy pants is what she called it


She really took to that idea of the comfy pants and then we just…


… kind of went through the chords and then… I kind of played along.


When we wrote it, we just laughed and laughed and laughed, like…


I dunno. It’s like when we talked about what we wanted to do with the group I was like, “this has legs.”


This like million dollar moment of like, “aah! we’re gonna be so rich!” It’s perfect. Like it just felt so right.


Then Marie booked us a show like way too early.


Ooh yea.


She’s like I got us a gig, guys! and I was like “nooo…”


And I was like “yea, totally.” Like, you gotta fake it ’til you make it kind of thing.


I was so nervous. I mean like stupid nervous.


It was completely packed. it was awesome.


And I was like oh my god. We’re never gonna get through this.


I remember like my hand shaking, and I thought I was gonna drop the ukulele.


[singing lyrics to ‘Drunk Dial’] and don’t pick up the telephone when you’ve had to much to drink. Don’t drunk dial when you come home late, don’t call him in an inebriated state, don’t text him with a booty call, don’t call him and say: “Hi Jeremy, how are you? Oh my God!”


Uh, but we got through it, we didn’t screw up too much.


[Singing] Oh my god I had so much fun on our date last night, it was really fun.


People loved it, so it made us realize right then and there that we had something special.


[Singing] Don’t call him in an inebriated state, don’t text him with a booty call. Just don’t. Just don’t.


My life before I met Marie was just grey and dull and boring, and after I met her it’s been rainbows and buttercups, no.


I feel like she is my like soul sister.


But even from the beginning, people were like “oh, are you guys like sisters ,or have you known each other for years?” We’re like “No, we met at a party next to like some hors d’oeuvres


Had I not gotten in a huge fight with my boyfriend, I hadn’t have gone. And so I’m glad that I did. but yea, I do think about that day a lot.


Maybe I wouldn’t have met Marie. If it had been a bigger party or a bigger room or a bigger space, or there’d been somewhere to escape to, you know? But there really was nowhere to escape, so.


It really feels like divine intervention sometimes when you think about it. Like, it’s insane how everything found a place the way it did. and that we got along as well as we did right off the bat.


I just yea, i feel like we were sisters in the past, or maybe husband and wife, or wife and wife, or husband and husband. Something. Something in our past lives… and here we are today, and we’re in this comedy band.


[rehearsing ‘Comfy Pants’] My house is on fire. My husband’s in jail. My boyfriend’s a liar. But what the… hell? I got my comfy pants on. I got my comfy pants on. Nothing can go wrong with my comfy pants on.


I do that dance every morning.

The comfy pants dance.