100 Outstanding Pieces of Audio for 2017

Kismet documents meeting stories individually, then weaves them together into one journey. Romantic stories are scattered within their episodes, of course, but I think “Dust” captures one of the most incredible connections to date.

Bello Collective

The 50 Best Podcast Episodes of 2017 So Far impressive start to a series about the tiny miracles that we only realize in retrospect.

It’s a reminder that storytelling podcasts don’t have to relive seismic events to be compelling listening.

Steve Greene


In an era where people’s introductions to one another are increasingly facilitated by the internet, Kismet instead explores how fate and free will factor into the curious ways that strangers’ lives intertwine….

…the manner in which it’s told exemplifies the best qualities of the medium.

Benjamin Cannon

A.V. Club

13 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes from February 2017

That the show doesn’t dwell on these pairs’ later history and puts its emphasis on the early parts of these chance meetings makes for engaging, focused episodes that delight in their own details.

Steve Greene


It’s a wonder in a world so big anyone meets anyone at all. This podcast is about how and when relationships were formed. Palm Treo was short, simple, sweet, and made me smile.


Bello Collective

It’s a common question overheard at cocktail parties: “how did you two meet?” The new series Kismet tackles that seemingly mundane question with surprisingly engaging results.

Rob Szypko


…Stand-out episodes feature a bone marrow donor and recipient, and a professional wrestler and his amateur fan, but each one has been moving in its own mysterious way….

The Audit

The Audit

Required listening.

– listen to Dan interview Bart for TPD Episode 134

Dan Lizetter

The Podcast Digest

If a mix of Radiolab and The Heart captures you, I suspect you’ll quickly find yourself binging on the show as well.

Sriram Gopal