Ep 10. Haymakers

Apr 25, 2017

Jessica & Asmeret


Asmeret and Jessica are about as competitive as you can imagine, crushing marathons & triathlons on the regular. Their latest physical feat pits them against each other in the ring, but for a greater cause: fighting cancer.


“I thought we were going to do, you know, a little walk-through, he’s gonna talk to me, like OK so when you punch you do this or whatnot. No, there was no…we learned by doing.”


“You know, yes you can do shadow boxing, you can train against the bag, but it’s not the same. ”


Please support Haymakers for Hope who “give everyday men and women the opportunity to fight back against this terrible disease by training for, and competing in charity boxing events to raise money and awareness.”

Here is their fight in full.


This year Asmeret is running the NYC marathon in support of Shoe for Africa

For those interested in getting some boxing training for themsleves, Asmeret and Jessica are both in NY and trained with

Mendez Boxing


Gotham Gym


Episode 10 was produced by Bart Warshaw & Jessica and Asmeret were interviewed Ryan Sweikert & Danny Lewis

The Kismet team are Zoe Saunders & Pierre Bienaimé & Justine Mclellan

Photos from Haymakers for Hope