Ep 14. Persistence

May 23, 2017

Olive & Jasper

Olive is like a debonair southern lady, while Jasper a glad-handing attentive, working the room type. When they met, their personalities totally clashed, but with a little persistence they were soon hanging out and sharing toys.

Olive (& Eve)

“there were all these other dogs there that, it was like, OK, these other dogs, they’ll get homes, right, they’ll be just fine. This dog’s a little weird. ”

Jasper (& Ben)

The most adorable dog, the most good natured dog, I’ve ever known.


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Our thanks to Eve, Efrem, Ben and Rose

Eve’s pet company is Skyline Tails

And the podcast she is a host on is  Pet Theories


Episode 7 was produced by Bart Warshaw

The Kismet team are Justine McLellan, Pierre Bienaimé, Danny Lewis & Zoe Saunders