Ep 16. Blotto

Jun 6, 2017

Bob & Molly

Not all boozy ideas see the light of day, but when Bob and Molly met at a rained-in bar at sxsw, it became a fruitful meeting of the minds.





Each year, the MacArthur Foundation famously selects two dozen of the most compelling scientists, educators and artists in the world and awards them the Fellowship that’s been dubbed “The Genius Grants.” But who are they? And how did they become who they’ve become?

Hear their personal stories in The Genius Dialogues, learn what has shaped their career and who they are, what makes them laugh, what they obsess about. Most importantly, we want to understand why they do whatever it is they do and what they imagine our shared future looks like.


Episode 16 was produced by Bart Warshaw

The Kismet team Pierre Bienaimé, Justine McLellan, Zoe Saunders & Danny Lewis.