Ep 17. LS FIX

Jun 20, 2017

James, Jamie & Alice


The podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno is just the latest in the long line of productions that James, Jamie and Alice have been making ever since their times at Leeds Student Television. One fateful Halloween party and one chance bus ride has intertwined their lives for 10 years and still going strong.


“it was such an innocuous moment at the time, you know, I just bumped into her and suggested it. I’d never thought of her to do anything becasue I didn’t really know her. ”



“And we basically made really rubbish television”


“And they’d not seem me do anything really…i mean…I hadn’t done anything so there was nothing for them to see.”

James, Jamie and Alice make the hit podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno



Episode 17 was produced by Bart Warshaw with assistance from Pierre Bienaimé,

other members of the Kismet team are Justine McLellan, Zoe Saunders & Danny Lewis.